The Visions of the department are:
a. To Provide sound training to students in theory and practice of Surveying profession.
b. To train students in line with new trends in technology, etc., for example with shift to Geoinformatis so as to train our students to be sound in GIS, LIS, Remote Sensing or information Technology (IT).
c. To give our students an interdisciplinary background knowledge in the field of environmental technology.
d. To have enough qualified staff in order to run a successful and qualitative training programme; in this case the target is to have at least one lecturer in each of the specialized fields of Surveying.
e. To acquire the necessary modern equipment/instruments to train our students.
f. To consolidate on the gains of last full accreditation exercise by National University Commission.

To provide the graduates of Surveying and Geoinformatics with the knowledge that would help them play a leading role in the social-economic and physical development of the country, by being versatile in providing spatial location of the Earth’s features and other environmental information necessary for designing and planning of engineering works as well as in the location and exploitation of natural resources, include GIS and land administration.

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