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The School of Natural and Applied Sciences is one of the four specialized schools in the University, offering courses leading to the award of B. Tech. specific objectives, these objectives includes:
(a) The production of technologists in different areas of applied science who would be able to create job opportunities for themselves and others.
(b) The initiation of applied research and offering of consultancy services to the public and private sectors through multi- faceted computer and other facilities.
(c) The production of science and technology teachers to teach the technology of production of science equipment at the Sub-Degree and Post–Degree Diploma Levels.
The School of Science and Science Education consists of nine (8) departments eight of which offer B. Tech. degrees in the following subject areas and applied options (where available ) for a minimum of three years depending on the point or mode of entry.


Biology Department
Microbiology Department
Biochemistry Department
Chemistry Department

To provide a world class environment for high quality academic and technological training in all areas of Agriculture suitable for the developments of high caliber manpower and to generate sustainable improvement in all areas of Agriculture, through teaching, research and extension to local and international communities.

To provide graduates that are adequately equipped with comprehensive theoretical knowledge and practical skills required for engaging in efficient Agricultural production for self-employment and conducting of cutting edge problems solving research in aspect of Agriculture.

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